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Speeding Tickets - Traffic Violations - Driver's License Revocations

Speeding tickets and other moving violations can easily amount to more than simple annoyances. Stiff fines and penalties can be only the beginning of serious consequences from multiple traffic violations. Avoid the prospect of increased insurance rates or the loss of your driving privileges. Contact an experienced Wisconsin traffic violation attorney at the law firm of Kim & LaVoy today.

We understand that losing a driver's license is a tremendous inconvenience and can affect one's ability to earn a living, go to school, or care for a loved one. Allow us to investigate the facts behind your speeding tickets and traffic citations. Our attorneys have successfully negotiated thousands of traffic matters resulting in point reductions, dismissals, the preservation of low insurance premiums, and the prevention of driver's license revocations.

We also assist people in obtaining occupational drivers' licenses, maintaining CDL (commercial) drivers' licenses, or reinstating their driving privileges. To that end, we offer driving record reviews to determine if you are eligible to obtain a valid driver's license.

If you have been issued a traffic citation or are dealing with the loss of your driving privileges, it's worthwhile to hire a knowledgeable Wisconsin traffic lawyer. We can make a difference. Contact the law firm of Kim & LaVoy through this Web site or by calling (414) 257-2100 today.