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Internet Sex Crimes / Possession of Child Pornography

Internet Sex Crimes Defense

Possession of Child Pornography – Solicitation of Minors – Prostitution

Law enforcement has stepped up its efforts to catch people who are engaged in illegal activity online. This is especially true with the offense of possession of child pornography. In Wisconsin, possession of child pornography carries a mandatory minimum sentence of three years in prison for each count / image. Oftentimes, people who are prosecuted for possession of child pornography are not creating images or videos, but viewing them. While creating child pornography is generally considered more serious than viewing it alone, Wisconsin’s child pornography laws do not make any distinction between these types of offenses.

In their zeal to arrest and prosecute people for possession of child pornography, law enforcement officers often deploy aggressive police tactics such as executing search warrants in a military fashion and using heavy-handed interrogation techniques. Many times, this results in people being accused of possession of child pornography or admitting to possessing child pornography even though they had no idea that illegal images were downloaded on their computer, laptop, iPad, or cell phone. Being experienced in defending possession of child pornography cases, our attorneys know what issues to look for in these types of cases, and also utilize the services of the best forensic computer experts in the field to disprove allegations.

Our skilled defense attorneys can also mitigate the punishment a person faces in possession of child pornography cases by negotiating fair and favorable plea bargains. As experienced defense lawyers, we know which cases should go to trial and which cases should not, and we’re not afraid to give our clients honest and candid advice.

Other crimes such as solicitation of minors, child enticement, and prostitution also carry severe penalties. Our lawyers are up to date with the newest trends in computer technology and are skilled in assessing cases involving Internet sex crimes. We’ll explore issues surrounding identification, intent, and entrapment. Simply put, our attorneys will work tirelessly to provide you with the very best defense.

If you have been accused of any type of sex-related Internet crime, it’s important to obtain legal representation quickly and from an experienced and respected defense lawyer. The attorneys at Kim & LaVoy defend these cases aggressively, and are proven, effective trial lawyers. We provide a strong defense of Internet criminal offenses and will be able to advise you of your best course of action.

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