Sex Offenses

Sex offenses can result in severe penalties even though the evidence available amounts to one person’s word over another. Some offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences of up to 25 years in prison. If you’ve been charged with a sex offense, the guidance of a skilled criminal defense attorney is extremely important. Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience representing people accused of sexual assault and other sex offenses. We have obtained not guilty verdicts for our clients, and on many occasions, we have been able to convince prosecutors not to file charges at all.

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We vigorously defend people accused of sex offenses including:

If you are accused, arrested, or charged with a sex offense, you need a skilled lawyer to quickly assess the facts of your case in order to devise a plan of action and to preserve crucial evidence. The stakes in a sexual assault case are high. Prison sentences are common and a very real possibility. A conviction for a sex offense can also lead to mandatory lifetime reporting requirements on public sex offender registries or mandatory involuntary commitments at state institutions.

In sex offense cases, it is imperative to have a lawyer who has extensive courtroom experience such as the lawyers at Kim & LaVoy. Exceptional trial skills are essential in defending these types of cases because oftentimes, sex offenses are based entirely upon one person’s word against another. Our attorneys have litigated over 100 jury trials and are widely respected as excellent trial lawyers.

A skilled defense lawyer should also advise a client when not to go to trial. A miscalculation in this regard could result in lengthy prison sentences and other severe consequences. You shouldn’t make these types of decisions without the sound advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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